Trump has us down to 3,000 troops in Iraq ( war criminal Bush 43’s war ).  The MSM doesn’t like Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


California has so many fires because of all the dumped voter envelopes.  The homeless use them for mattresses.  I bet they aren’t as plush as Willie Brown’s.


Nasty Campaign Editor:  What is Joe working on, LL ?

It’s True Cat:  Joe is going to destroy local building codes and land use laws.  If you have a nice house he wants a tent-city next door.  He doesn’t want the rioters/arsonist/killers to have far to walk.

After the zillionairs get what land they want the rest will be given to the tent-people.

Here is Nancy after she sobered up.

UnAmerican Airlines loves the terrorist.

Why enforce the law on these retards when the rioters, looters, and arsonist aren’t even arrested?

As long as Nancy’s and Newsom’s vineyards aren’t burned down, who cares ?  The unpicked grapes can be used for raisins. 

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