Flight 93.


This is a video of Biden’s campaign.

The NAACP is a branch of the Demcommunist Latte Liberal Party.  George Floyd was also an incident.


Decent Editor:  Who is sexually exploiting our children, LL ?–violence-n2576034

This Week Cat:  This week  it is a continued repulsive child sexually exploitative movie from Netflix  ( where Obama, Michelle, and Susan Rice work).  The radical-left-Democrats have been trying to destroy children for years.  Today’s topic in Netflix.

A few days ago we reported on the Democrats in California passing a bill (SB 145 ) to lower punishment for child rape.  We are waiting to see if Pigleosi’s nephew Newsom ( the Governor ) will sign the bill into law.

The Democrats are worried that a child rapist will be treated unfairly.  A child under the law cannot give consent or be a willing sex partner.  They can’t sign contracts, vote, and a bunch of other things.  Here are the large owners of Netflix.

Here are some influential politicians is California  Feinstein, Kamala, Schiff, Pigleosi, Pigleosi’s nephew Newsom, Maxine Waters, and many more.

Look who is silent.


  1. Dear Citizens of California….I would really like to know what your goal is? Are you striving to become more sinful than Sodom and Gomorrah? How many times does your state have to burn to the ground before you realize that you have already taken the trophy from that sinful biblical town. When your politicians have a need to write laws to determine whether anally or orally is the legal way to molest underage children…you are an absolutely sorry bunch of people. Maybe when your entire state catches fire at once you will wake up. I hope all the perverted child molesting Queers, Lesbians, Straights, and every liberal politician forgets and looks back as they run from the blaze and God turns you all to pillars of salt and you wash into the ocean. Then finally, your innocent children will have a chance at life. I truly hate all of you child molesting perverts..

    You liberal voting idiots from bankrupt California do not have enough brains to demand sufficient electricity and you continue to elect these liberal fools whose main priority is to determine the best way to sexually molest underage children.

    God bless the California children and the Republicans who live there….come on East, we welcome you….the rest of you and California….Burn, Baby, Burn. Burn like the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah that you have become.

    When the smoke clears….America will come in, sweep away the excess salt, put power lines under ground, establish forest maintenance programs and people can proudly use the old phrase once again….GO WEST YOUNG MAN!


    • I am sure he did! He worked a couple minutes over-time on a Saturday morning and signed this bill so they can have the legal “Child Molesting Orgies” tonight.

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