Newsom, the California Governor and Nancy Pigleosi’s nephew, gives the child sex-abusers a break.  Love those Democrats.

Here is another Democrat-Newsom-Pigleosi-Waters-Schiff-Kamala policy.  Shoot the police.

Check your local forecast.


Here is one truth.

Here is why the social media have to be broken-up–like in a monopoly.


Which Truth Editor:  There are so many truths looking for a home that I can’t keep up, LL ?

Today’s Truth Is The Mueller Truth Cat:  The Mueller truth will be released right after the truth about who killed and covered up the JFK murder.  Mueller was/is a crook.

General Mattis is a traitor.

This swamp creature spied on more Americans than Russia and China combined.  Amazon is a perfect place for him.

If the wild fires burn Portland to ashes, what will the Demcomms rioters/killers do ?  Currently, they are immediately released from custody to return the next night.

There are two truths from the Demcommsdungbeetles, if global warming/climate change isn’t the cause of something, Donald Trump is.  California, Oregon, and Washington State have put more poison in the air with their wild fires than Chernobyl, and Fukushima combined.  It happens every year.  Just as surely as the Swallows return to Capistrano these sanctuary states will be on fire, until they change their management policy.


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