90% of wild-fires are caused by humans.  Washington State has a Demcomm Governor and State House, who is to blame ?

This Las Vegas resident has a warning.

Oregon’s Governor is an incompetent skank.  She should be indicted  for 10 counts of manslaughter.


Safe Editor:  Do you need protection, LL ?

OK Cat:  I’m fine.  Here are some works in progress.  One robot dog appears to poop tennis balls.

Amigo might get one of each.  He already has a Wolfbot to protect the Marijuana/Poppy fields.

America might need some Wolfbots.  The Demcomms threaten to burn down our cities when Joe loses.

SE:  Will the Wolfbots protect us from Demconn arsonist, OKC ?

They sure will, they have an American Flag and Bible in their saddlebags.  Be careful of Joe, if your Wolfbot fails he wants you to be without protection. 

Joe needs his teleprompter.  He will want one during the debates.

There is no electronic voting machine that is secure.  The White House and Pentagon have been successfully hacked.

Joe’s campaign contributions seem to be from unemployed people.  They might be teenagers trying to get a Kewpie Doll or ceramic ballerina.–and-its-bad-news-for-dems-n2576113


  1. Well, we already knew that “You Can’t Fix Stupid”…now we know that it is contagious. Nevada has caught the Stupid Bug from California and Oregon….Arizona, Idaho & Utah need to be on guard.

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