Disney, Comcast, AT&T, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, The Atlantic, and New York Times have been entertaining us for 4 years with their lies.  Now we can have some more entertainment.  As you can see in the first link, she was political to the end.

Stop the presses on mail fraud, Wuhan Flu, California burning, the election, riots, and especially Schiff’s investigations.  We will now have months of serious mud-slinging.  If Trump gives the dems a break he is a fool.

I hope Trump’s nominee is on her plane at this moment.  I hope Trump nominates her the day after Justice Ginsburg is laid to rest.  Forget Romney’s vote.  We will see how the cookie crumbles.

If this doesn’t get conservatives motivated I don’t know what will.  The dems will do ANYTHING TO PREVENT A VOTE.  Trump will have to secure D.C. with the National Guard.


If you read this article a couple of times you will know more than 99% of the idiots commenting on the nomination.  You can bookmark/archive it and forward to your friends.


Here are some of the Demcomms harvesting illegal votes.


Maybe Trump can get our schools back.

What a joke.


The Peaceful Editor:  Do you have any idea why America has become so violent, LL ?

Liberalism Is A Mental Illness Cat:  I have run across these things in writing for The Sphinx.  One thing is the liberal idea of sanctuary states/cities.  These locations place lawbreakers above regular citizens.  Look at the mess in California, Oregon, and Washington State.  The homeless have taken over downtown areas, the illegals can vote on city councils and other state functions.

The Antifa/BLM groups are terrorist.  They try to burn down building with people in them and are released after a warning.  The next night they are back rioting again.

The MSM continues is hate-mongering against Trump.  Maxine Waters, Pigleosi, and other members of Congress continually advocate violence.  The cable TV radical-left spew hate and violence every day.

The Board of Directors of Comcast, AT&T, Disney, and other owners of the news stations lie, distort, and hide the truth everyday.

The Democratic HOR has had a 4 year picnic charging anyone who supports Trump with a thousand made up offenses.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter continue to hide liberal failures, and report lies from The New York Times and Washington Post about conservatives.

Hollywood employees and old movie stars to old to make movies continue the hate.  People like Cher, DeNiro, Griffin, and a hundred others.  I guess they think that the violence they support will skip over them.

National Public Radio  (NPR) is particularly venomous.  The 500 million they get in tax money should be stopped.

The corrupt MSM is one of the top 5 problems in America—Disney, Comcast, AT&T, CBS, NY Times, and Washington Post.

The Atlantic Publication recently got on board the hate train.  Steve Job’s ( Apple ) widow owns The Atlantic.  Apple pays the Chinese billions to make their products there.  They hate Trump.

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