This is the most important article you will read this month.


From now until January 3, 2021 is just entertainment.

There isn’t much to add to the discussion until someone is nominated


Kamala and staff post bail for a child sex molester.

Trump should ban or have all Chinese electronic platforms/apps/companies owned by Americans-100%.


Confused Editor:  Where did what start, LL ?

Beginning Cat:  Where/when/why/how did the child sex abuse people get a foothold in America ?  They got it beginning in a lot of ways.  The Radical-Democrats are pushing it now.  Do you remember when parent’s didn’t march against D.C. when MS 13 boys were allowed to shower with girls in our schools?  The Democrats are officially on board.  Here are more things happening to American children.  Gavin is a repeat.

America’s silent majority needs to get motivated.  Have Obama and Michelle protested the ” Cutie ” movie on their Netflix ?

The British child abusers have the same liberal goals as our pedophiles.

Some people are tired of the Demcomm’s BS.

After watching this video, I know why 16 year old citizens shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  If Ayanna Pressley is involved it is a trap to get the Jews in line for the ovens ( cooking class ).


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