News about The Supremes.  The Supreme Court appointment is maybe the most important one in history, if the appointed one believes in the Constitution.  It could turn the decisions around that the dems have been banking on for over 50 years.  If a Republican votes against the nomination he/she should not receive any benefits from the party.  No money, committees, or support.

After the Kavanaugh hearing, and Trump’s impeachment any Republican not supporting Trump’s choice should leave the party.  Go support the rioting Demcomms.

This is for our new readers.


This is an A#1 skank.

Here is more exposure of Demcomm BS.

Trump has a new policy.


The Editor For History Challenged Readers:  Here is a misplaced article on why Truman deserves one of Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

Give Peace A Chance Cat:  Amigo likes this recipe.  If Truman had had it one bomb would have done the trick.

Hunter Biden likes the Secret Service.

Super PACs  should be banned ( again ).

Money, money, money.  All electronic media should be forced to provide a certain amount of free-time to candidates.

This answers my 4 year old question of why Trump has had so many insubordination incidents from the services.  Maybe he can re-program them.

This is great.

Nancy fakes some tears wile she holds up HOR help on Wuhan Flu aid.  What a miserable skank.

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