My apologies for forgetting the Fall Equinox.


There are 6 days until debate number 1.


The Epstein Diary.  It is a busy week, RBG dies and Epstein returns.  We have reported repeatedly that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express more than he did on Air Force One, 27 times.


Even the Demcomms support Trump.

President Trump is getting prepared.


The Executive Editor:  Why hasn’t CNN, Antifa, BLM, NY Times, Washington Post, and The Atlantic demanded that The White House be changed to Al Sharpton’s old house, LL ?

Scandal Cat:  I don’t know, they can put up a mud-hut for all I care.  Here is a new book about Presidential Sex.

Warren Harding seems to be The White House Sex Merchant.  If Velcro was around then he would have had it on his knickers.

The Money and Power in D,C. messes with people’s minds.  This is an illegitimate ( bastard ) child of Harding and one of his lovers.  Everyone involved admits his ancestry, but he wants his bastard hood to be acknowledged in the museum or something.

Here is a video of Bill and Hillary when they were in love.  Hill-gal might be the only First Lady to never have had sex with a sitting President.

A video some years later, they lost that loving feeling.  The comments are world class.


  1. WOW! This Epstein case is going to blow wide open….at least, I hope so. It would be great to see ALL these child molesters tried in a real court. Epstein should have settled on California for his fun & games. California approves of child molesting. By the time all these queries are answered, they may need to “dig ole Jeffrey up from the Star of David Cemetery in Palm Beach” and hang him again.

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