The Demcomms are getting what they wanted—the courts to decide the election.

Here are Pigleosi and Maxine after poking around in the Senate’s business.

Patriots found some yellow paint that Cuomo & Blasio missed.


The Big Top Editor:  Is Ringling Bros. Circus still around, LL ?

Center Ring Cat:  They shut the big tent down in 2017.  The cause was mostly rising cost and animal treatment law suits.  It was a wondrous treat for kids.  The Dems are now our entertainment.

The clowns and pooper scoopers are in D.C. now.  America will also be closing unless the people vote for Trump.  No free country can survive with a corrupt press and arrogant bullies like the Demconns have in charge.  Here are some other happenings.  First is the suckie NFL.

Last year’s Emmy Show, without a host, had more viewers than Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting the awards.

United could hire Stacey Abrams if she makes the weight limit.  Where’s the white women at—–and two Virginia Democrats.

Trump should ask the Demcomms to meet him at the CBP airport.

RBG might be gone, but the Demcomms don’t care.

Here is a teenage hero.

Egypt finds more mummies.




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