Chris Wallace has been a Demcomm for years.–very-fine-people-lie-n2577186

Supreme news.


This article further exposes the Demcoms lies.  From now on I report Democrats as Communist ( Demcomms ).


Ask Me Later Editor:  Are you familiar with polls, LL ?

I Know A Lot Cat:  I know you can’t make Polish jokes anymore.  I don’t understand why, they are mostly white and Christian.  Here is a great article about political polls.  Caution—jokes apply to all people.

Personally, I think too many are just made-up nonsense like almost everything the MSM reports.  They want to get Republicans to think Biden is ahead.  I think Joe is Wile E. Coyote, and gets his ideas from Acme & Recycled Clinton BS.

Here is a meaningless poll.  The interesting part is only 35 % of respondents trust the media, they must be dems.

This is The Sphinx’s favorite poll.


Here is a Miami Poll.


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