Don’t believe anything the media writes or says.



This is one of the more reliable fact-check sites.

This is a great decision.  The judge should have said the charges were “goofy.” I wish the Sullivan Judge reported to this judge.


The Word Editor:  What English are you talking about, LL ?

The Alpha And Omega Cat:  That’s Greek, but sounds better than A thru Z.  I know why dogs roll in dung and chase cars–they can’t understand the English language.  It changes more than an arsonist’s mind does when trying to decide what flammable-inflammable fuel to use in his Molotov Cocktail.   It is so confusing that they set themselves on fire.  This is funny.

I also understand why millions of illegal aliens don’t learn English.  It is too hard.  They would rather stay illiterate and wash cars for people like Pigleosi and Schumer.  I bet ( il ) is a prefix.

Here is a phrase repeated in the movie Patton.

I like this name.

TWE:  Why are so many words turned into initials, TAAOC ?

I guess it is easier to write and pronounce.  LGBTQIAPK

RIP Helen Reddy, she did more for women than NOW ever did or will.  Mac Davis also died.

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