Here is one little weasel who lost her dictatorship.


It looks like 6 % of Americans believe the news.  It’s probably lower.

Here is why the news isn’t believed.




We have known this for years.  The main government creeps will never be prosecuted.  Yesterday Comey said he has amnesia.

This is good news.


The Culture Editor:  For some busy loyal readers who have trouble reading anything more difficult than ” do not take with alcohol ” what is Film Noir, LL ?

Unusual Cat:  Here is an article about Film Noir.  Amigo said they were black and white movies with an attractive woman, and a loser male antihero.

TCE:  We know you like old movies, why did you pick Film Noir classics ?

The ex Republican Speaker of the HOR wrote a book.  His cover is straight out of the Noir movie group.  He has his Savile Row suit on, smoking a cigarette, and drinking some of one loyal reader’s wine of choice Pinot Noir.

John is definitely living the good life.  Good luck John, who says crime doesn’t pay ?

Boehner joined the board of tobacco company Reynolds American on September 15, 2016.[90]

In 2018 Boehner joined the board of Acreage Holdings, a cannabis corporation, to promote the medical use of cannabis and advocate for federal de-scheduling of the drug (a shift from his previous stance while in Congress).[91] In 2019 Boehner was named chair of the National Cannabis Roundtable, a cannabis lobbying organization

We hope John isn’t wearing the latest fashion from Gucci.  This is a continuing drive to feminize American men.  The best market will be the men of Hollywood, MSM, CNN and MSNBC.  Those guys will have a huge cat-fight.

I bet Don Lemon would be fetching in the Gucci dress.

John Roberts who worked at CNN before Fox News is a small man, but would be gorgeous in the orange-tarton dress.

I can see De Niro in his new dress, when he gets his first compliment.

A lot of the Noir actresses/actors became famous.


  1. So here is John Boehner with his Tell-All book. It is amazing that they all write tell all books, but like Comey, when they are questioned by senate, they remember nothing. About the cover…that is not a cigarette in the ashtray…it is a joint. That probably is Pinot Noir he is sipping on, why do the candles behind him look like little pink mushrooms? Just how many mind altering chemicals does this man need at one time?

    • Don Lemon has got to be in the Top 5 most disgusting people in the world. The only thing they got right about him is his last name.

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