Trump is roughing it.

It looks like the Demcomms dipped Trump’s podium in a Wuhan Virus mix.


Liberal White Americans are number two on the danger to freedom list ( right behind a corrupt press ).  A bought and paid for government is number three.

Gavin Newsom has the answer.


Another The End Editor:  What is our latest Doomsday, LL ?  We survived the RBG dying, is our next goal as difficult ?

Amigo Won’t Tell Me What Life I Am On Cat:  New York is improving their Clock of Doom.

Here is another Doomsday Clock.  Loyal reader MST said no one ever mentions it, and it will never be repaid.

Hollywood has a doomsday.

Kim will save Baltimore from doom.  Elijah, who died last year, did little in 23 years as a member of the HOR.   The dems don’t care about Blacks or Whites.

Trump will end the human race.

Here is the oldest Doomsday Clock.  Thirteen Nobel Prize winners are involved so I don’t place any importance in it.  Obama is a Nobel winner.

Speak to spirits about the hereafter.

The media have been Doomers  for almost the whole Wuhan Flu scam.


  1. Absolutely, Lois Lion…. no one cares about The Debt Clock….How can I get more food stamps? Are they going to send me more $600 a week bonus checks if I stay out of work? Will my disability be approved…after all I am 45 and I don’t like working? If I don’t get married, but have a baby anyway….will I get more free government benefits? These are the kinds of questions that are on the minds of our sorry Americans.

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