Here is the North Carolina Democrat running for U.S. Senator.  He is also a lovebird.


Trump rallies.


Judge ACB’s hearing appears to be still on schedule, beginning on October, 12.

Oh, look.


Here is another repulsive politician.  She refused to stop riots in her city.  A natural Demcomm.

North Carolina has turned into a sleazy political training ground.  If you aren’t a serial baby killer who chops up victims you are OK.

RIP–Bob Gibson.


FBI employees actually bought professional liability insurance to cover their actions in trying to overthrow the President.  Is this a great country or wut ?

Here is what the Demcomms and radical-left want from all White people. money, property, and freedom are also included.  Joe and Kamala are the beginning.  THIS IS DISTURBING.


The Question Editor:  Are you ready to answer some questions, LL ?

Kayleigh McEnany Cat:  I am ready to rumble.  Here are some almost important issues.  Hillary is not flying Air Force One, and RBG is still dead.  The RBGD article is a repeat, but too funny not to use again.

This is Wikipedia, so be warned.

TGE:  What is new in politics ?  Did you see where many Obama, Clinton, and Biden supporters said they hoped our President would die ?

I saw that, I would never express those thoughts in public.  I would say that I hope the whole bunch, their kids, pets, spouses, and friends have reason to retire tomorrow.

Here are some things.  Antifa and BLM are not terrorist.  They are ideas, Joe said so.  He also said he is the Democratic Party.

A new caravan, just in time for the election–just like the midterm election caravans.  Most had new smart phones and flip flops.  The same people are paying them.

Here is what the Demcomms want.

Spartacus is still oozy.

Whitmer is sad.

Walmart is selling a lot of Beyond Meat.

What a treat or not.