The FBI freed up some agents investigating Trump to work on their duties.


Check your local forecast.

Cal is a great Demcomm.  I would vote for Cal, he knows how to honor oaths and promises.

Cal missed this extra credit course.

Ooooohh, the Demcomms are fighting each other.


Every state needs a Demcomm Governor.  It’s harder to get rid of them than find a bottle of 70 Isopropyl Alcohol.

This is why we need to get local control of elected officials.  This Circuit Attorney is just like Judge Sullivan.

This would be great.


The Crustacean Editor:  Are lobsters in fashion, LL ?

Where’s My Bib Cat:  They sure are, as one loyal reader pointed out they can outlive a Supreme Court Judge.  Trump might appoint one to replace Stephen Breyer ( age 82 ).  Here is Godzilla Trump fighting Lobster Biden.

TCE:  How did they get so big, WMBC ?

It was mostly caused by radiation and pollution,  ( Pigleosi is a human example ).

California can have Georgia’s fired Forest Director.  He is so screwy he could be the Salamander Man.

We have an abundance of Stink Bugs.  A regular fly-swatter will work fine, you don’t need a $10 Biden swatter.

The Hippies knew how to protest.

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