This is good reading.


The dems will add enough Supremes to the court to give their ideology a majority.  The Federal Circuit and Appellate Courts will also be packed. Judge Sullivan will be a Supreme, and the Circuit Lawyer in St. Louis.

Here is good airplane food.


The Chinese will run over Joe & Kamala.

These people need to be indicted, it’s been four years.

This might be a fake asteroid.


The Fake Editor:  What is your article about, LL ?

Not Real Cat:  It started off with cardboard sports fans, but morphed into a comment on society.  The cardboard fans are great, only in a Capitalist Society.

The American news media was first to capitalize on fake, almost, close, virtual—-it’s the fake news that Trump first identified.

Here are two virtual touchdowns.  The fools celebrated too early.  Vote Republican and get a friend to vote.

If you want actual street/city peace in the future vote Republican.  Trump has to shut the governors and mayors of the sanctuary states and cities down.  Two sets of laws won’t work.  Kennedy and Bush 41 used the insurrection act.

This is real.

This is real and good news.

TFE:  How long is it before ACB is voted on, NRC ?

Not FOP Cat:  Everything in D.C. takes about two weeks.  It is like ordering Dapper Dan Hair Pomade.

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