Amy is great.

Here are Feinstein, Booker, Kamala, and Hiroro bringing instructions on how to smear ACB.

With a MSM that lies more than not, it makes no difference who we get screwed by.

This is a surprise.

This is interesting and a little bizarre.


The Editor:  What music are you exploring today, LL ?

Do RE Me Cat:  How music is licensed.

Here are some answers on what happens to music after it is recorded.

A big problem is politicians keep playing songs when the artist don’t want them playing their work.

RIP Tom Kennedy.  Tom hosted a popular music show in the olden days.

RIP Margaret Nolan.  She was the Golden Bond Girl.

The Supremes throw out more Demcomm BS.

Bill, Hill, and ole Cal might have to face the music.

I guess this is Trump’s rally song.

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