ACB’s schedule.


The Bidens are swamp-creatures, just like Facebook and Twitter.  This has been in the news for two years.  The FBI did nothing with the original hard drive copy.


The WHO knows, or not.

Who knew NBC had personnel problems ?


The Knows Editor:  What is who knew about, LL ?

I Thought Everyone Knew Cat:  It’s about some things that our harried loyal readers might have over looked.  Who knew the Presidential Debate Committee members are rich, secret, Democrats or Never Trump Republicans.

Here they are in action ( a secret video ).

Here is more BS.  Every Demcomm screw up is a hacked social media site.

Here is ACB’s secret dream for the Senate Demcomms.

A Tesla Roadster reaches Mars without catching on fire.  It doesn’t have a battery.  At one time we had a GoFundMe site to buy Teslas for the Clintons.  Every one hated them, we didn’t get a penny.

Is Nancy preparing to use the 25th Amendment against Trump or getting us familiar with it so Biden can be sent back to his basement, if he wins ?

Amigo prays every day for Joe & Kamala, just like he did for RBGD.

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