This is worth a repeat.  The Demcomms (MSM) put their money on white-superiority, and racism.

This is about Originalism.

Joe has joined the destroy children brigade.

Here are the Biden people bringing in a load of Hunter and Joe’s lies.


The Time Editor:  What do cats know of time, LL ?

Time For A Nap Cat:  We used time long before humans were even created, or lost their tails if you live in DC.  The first timekeeper was nature, day and night.  Railroads created a need for some sort of standard in keeping time.

I like this explanation of what time is–it’s natures’ way of keeping everything from happening at once.

Here are some expensive ways to tell time.

The actual workers in our country wore this watch.  Their motto, ” it takes a licking and keeps on ticking “, was very popular before politicians took it over.

Here is the latest ” take a licking politician “.  Katie Hill commented that ACB’s dress was inappropriate for the hearings.  Most of the comments on Katie’s social media wondered if she ever wore clothes at work.

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