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Every Trump supporter should retweet to everyone on their mailing list.



50 Cent said that under Kamala-Biden’s tax increase he would have to change his name to 20 Cent.

$85.00 is what Hunter’s computer repair cost–very reasonable.  I wonder if he takes Yuans ?

This is fate.


The Editor:  Do you have something to hold our loyal readers attention, LL ?

Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout Cat:  You would have to be more disloyal than Adam Schiff to not like these items.  A new cat has been discovered in Peru, and a rare cat in Russia.

We are using Wolfbots at polling sites to prevent fraud.  The creator says they also scare away whore hoppers.  We might put some in DC.  They can spray lipstick and perfume.

Joe and Obama feel the same about America.  A former Californian feels the same about the Golden State.

RIP–Spencer Davis.

So long Tab, and welcome Henny Penny.

So sorry.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Supernova in NGC 2525
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, A. Riess (STScI/JHU) and the SH0ES team
Acknowledgment: M. Zamani (ESA/Hubble)

Explanation: Big, beautiful, barred spiral galaxy NGC 2525 lies 70 million light-years from the Milky Way. It shines in Earth’s night sky within the boundaries of the southern constellation Puppis. About 60,000 light-years across, its spiral arms lined with dark dust clouds, massive blue stars, and pinkish starforming regions wind through this gorgeous Hubble Space Telescope snapshot. Spotted on the outskirts of NGC 2525 in January 2018, supernova SN 2018gv is the brightest star in the frame at the lower left. In time-lapse, a year long series of Hubble observations followed the stellar explosion, the nuclear detonation of a white dwarf star triggered by accreting material from a companion star, as it slowly faded from view. Identified as a Type Ia supernova, its brightness is considered a cosmic standard candle. Type Ia supernovae are used to measure distances to galaxies and determine the expansion rate of the Universe.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend