The Maxwell Diary.


Here are some Trump supporters.

I hope these hornets don’t find the rioters, arsonists, and looters.

Here is your Liberal worm for this week.


The Captain Editor:  Is this about ship captains, LL ?

Seven Seas Cat:  It sure is, here are a few.  Our first two are Captains Courageous, and Captain Blood.  Those were the good old days.

I can’t cover all captains, but Captain Schettino was especially negligent.  You could compare the Concordia to America if the Kamala-Biden creeps are at the helm.  Joe does deserve 16 years.

Here is a captain from CNN and The New Yorker.  Captain Wanky-Wanky was on a zoom broadcast and showed everyone how to play with their wanky.  That’s why they make up the news, they are too busy playing with their wanky.

Further digging made me realize that Toobin should be President of CNN or AT&T, the owner of CNN.

Our science department uncovered a psychotic condition that Toobin has, he thinks he is a Dusky Frillgoby Fish.

Thanks to the Demcomms.

Thank Apple.


  1. Good morning, Lois Lion….I wonder how long it will be before Apple claims they bought The Holy Bible from God so they can distribute the verses and chapters as they choose?

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