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I slept a little better last night, 23 1/2 hours.

This is great news, but don’t get lazy.

Biden campaign manager Cardi B was upset in California.


This is for our new readers–to clarify Democratic lies.  It was recorded Saturday.

Trump gives Hillgal a new Supreme Court Justice on her birthday.


The Question Editor:  Are there examples of failures in America, like the Concordia ship, LL ?

Answer Cat:  California is our best example.  The don’t prosecute illegal aliens, they are bankrupt, half the state is on fire, and the citizens are waiting on the feds to bail them out.  Newsom ( Pigleosi’s nephew ) will be recalled, I hope.

They can’t even provide electricity to citizens.  The Green Policy that Biden and Kamala want is in California.

Laws are unenforceable.  The MSM won’t report this crap, but will report that Black/Brown areas have no stores.

This is an attitude the people had when they wanted to build a Nation.,_young_man

This is the current thinking.   Go East/North young man.

Amigo needs some California ocean scenes to cheer him up.