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Joe might want to see what is on Hunter’s computer.


The SEALS do it again, and a Joe bonus.

The trooper is lucky that Cuomo didn’t send him to one of the senior-citizens homes infected with the plague.  The trooper had a bumper sticker on the patrol car that said, ” If the car is rocking don’t come  knocking “.

I like this article.  The AG doesn’t mention that he, the Governor, the Chief of Police, and Ilhan Omar are all Democrats and all Black except the Governor.  He neglects to mention that all of them let the rioters burn down Minneapolis.


The Almost White Editor:  Why do you say the press sux, LL ?

Entertainment Cat:  They haven’t told the truth in five ( 5 ) years.  This is just one subject.

The FCC should revoke the license of all electronic media that broadcast this feces.  Give a few days notice so the stocks can crash.

TAWE:  What is happening elsewhere, EC ?

Here is one family protected by the MSM.

Jack Dorsey needs to be fired.

This is not important except for the alleged attorney’s comment.  Attorneys should spend 5 years in prison before being able to charge for their work.

RIP Sean Connery.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Half Sun with Prominence
Image Credit & Copyright: Rainee Colacurcio

Explanation: What’s happening to the Sun? Clearly, the Sun’s lower half is hidden behind a thick cloud. Averaging over the entire Earth, clouds block the Sun about 2/3rds of the time, although much less over many land locations. On the Sun’s upper right is a prominence of magnetically levitating hot gas. The prominence might seem small but it could easily envelop our Earth and persist for over a month. The featured image is a combination of two exposures, one optimizing the cloud and prominence, and the other optimizing the Sun‘s texture. Both were taken about an hour apart with the same camera and from the same location in Lynnwood, Washington, USA. The shaggy texture derives from the Sun’s chromosphere, an atmospheric layer that stands out in the specifically exposed color. The uniformity of the texture shows the surface to be relatively calm, indicative of a Sun just past the solar minimum in its 11-year cycle. In the years ahead, the Sun will progress toward a more active epoch where sunspots, prominences, and ultimately auroras on Earth will be more common: solar maximum.

Tomorrow’s picture: waves of gravity