The Simian Editor:  Could we call this article Monkey Business, LL ?

Why Not Cat:  Sure, but first here is a little ” monkey business ” with Xi Jinping and the officers of our social media companies.

During Xi Jinping’s  thruple with the CEO’s of our social media companies they pledged to censor American news articles, just like he makes them censor news in China.  Xi is more brutal than this guy, but I like the names.  CNN has reported him dead more often than they have Trump.

This is a little follow-up about our previously reported slave-monkeys.  The NBA doesn’t care because the monkeys don’t make Nike shoes.

I hope things work out for the Democrat’s ancestors.  I saw a baboon in one video.

TSE:  Would you chain the Democrats in the Congress, like the Thai’s do their monkeys, WNC ?

No, I would put an electric collar on them, and when they lie I would give them 50,000 volts of wind generated energy.

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