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The Ocean Editor:  What is new with animals, LL ?

They Are Big Cat:  Animals are all over.  Here are whales almost swallowing some democrats.

This looks like a DC swamp creature, probably FBI.

More terrorist are gone.

Oh, aren’t they cute.

Pigleosi is a swamp sow.

Eric the Parrot saved Anton’s life.  He might fly to NYC and sit on de Blasio’s shoulder to warn of arson fires.

With the cold weather, Amigo had an ant invasion.  His mother called them *iss ants.  With the chemicals added to the environment they are getting bigger.  Amigo looks on them the same way as he does our major news print/electronics companies and democrants.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Moon over ISS
Image Credit & Copyright: Derek Demeter (Emil Buehler Planetarium)

Explanation: Completing one orbit of our fair planet in 90 minutes the International Space Station can easily be spotted by eye as a very bright star moving through the night sky. Have you seen it? The next time you do, you will have recognized the location of over 20 years of continuous human presence in space. In fact, the Expedition 1 crew to the ISS docked with the orbital outpost some 400 kilometers above the Earth on November 2, 2000. No telescope is required to spot the ISS flashing through the night. But this telescopic field of view does reveal remarkable details of the space station captured as it transited the waning gibbous moon on November 3, just one day after the space age milestone. The well-timed telescopic snapshot also contains the location of another inspirational human achievement. About 400,000 kilometers away, the Apollo 11 landing site on the dark, smooth lunar Sea of Tranquility is to the right of the ISS silhouette.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend