Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff races could determine the Senate majority.  Vote in the runoff.  They need to knock on doors between now and January 5.


It’s amazing that only Trump’s swing states/cities have corruption problems.  It was all planed when the mail-in-ballots to everyone was started by the dems.


North Korea’s government is more honest than America’s.  If I could eat tree-bark I might move there.


The Seltzer Editor:  Are we taking commercials for Speedy Alka-Seltzer, LL ?

Hard Hat Cat:  No, NYC had a crane problem, where the Headache Ball wasn’t secured during the Zeta storm.

For our loyal readers not familiar with tall construction cranes, here is some information.

TSE:  That is informative HHC, but where do UFO’s come in ?

Gigi Hadid gave birth to an alien.

Miley Cyrus saw an unidentified object.  The Galactic Traveler told her to sing in her panties and bra.

She is also familiar with construction and cranes.  Oh, the song might be suggestive.

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