I like this.


Here is some live fraud.


These jokers are incompetent Democratic thieves.  If you get names of dead people from the coroners, and people who moved from the USPS you almost have an up to-date voter list.

Could someone tell Clyburn from South Carolina and Kamala from Willie Brown that America is not a Democracy.  It is a Republic.


The Maybe News Editor:  Are you on top of the maybe news, LL ?

Look At This Cat:  I sure am.  The first one is not an accidental occurrence, the machines were programmed that way.

New Jersey wants the weed.

Walmart fires their robots.

This fan realizes there is no end to corporate greed.

China wants us to pay off the debt of other countries.  Joe and Hunter will get 10 % off the top.

These couples are already bankrupt.  A sucker is born every minute.

RIP Alex Trebek.

This is a great idea.  The guy stocking the machine probably has the plague.  They should put rats in the machine and let customers use the ” claw ” to catch them.  They could swap the rats for candy, sodas, or maybe sex.

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