Trump should be in Georgia campaigning for the Republican Senators.

Trump gives veterans a break.

This is great–Joe hasn’t been certified by the electoral college.  He doesn’t have current certified papers.


Breaking News—AOC will retire and move to Minnesota to begin her homestead.  Here is a secret look at her future.

Trump should get the DOJ to investigate this under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.


The Amazing Editor:  What will amaze our loyal readers, LL ?

Invisible Cat:  These pesky problems will disappear, amazing.  The Wuhan Chinese Flu, Joe and Hunter probably brought it back in a diplomatic pouch. It will disappear.

The Ukrainian, and Chinese investigations of Joe, Hunter, and a few other famous sons will disappear.

The border wall will disappear.

The elections many frauds will disappear.

The Durham investigation will disappear.

One person is standing between your guns and other Constitutional rights from disappearing.  That person is Amy Comey Barrett.  I bet half of Joe’s presidential opponents will be new cabinet members.

The Georgia Senate races will determine who controls the Senate.  The 2 Georgia Senate seats will determine if the dems get everything they want or not.

This is the Big Disappearance, what month will Joe become unavailable to the public ?

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