America voted for it.  Joe said he would do what his advisors said.  The majority wants it.  Start saving necessary products.

Science says lock downs don’t work.  The sanctuary states wanted Biden.  There is no money in the kitty,  you fool.

It was rigged.


The Dangerous Editor:  Who is in jeopardy, LL ?

Double Jeopardy Cat:  For $1,000 Joe will be gone in a year.  Another topic is all the attention that Alex Trebek’s opening is creating in the media.  I wondered what would replace Trump’s racism articles 24 hours a day.

Biden’s clock starts at 12:00 noon.

Here is a little history.

TDE:  Who are some people mentioned, DJC ?

This is one person mentioned.  He has a few drawbacks, he is too short to see over the podium, viewers need someone they can believe, he would give the questions to democratic contestants.  The worst problem is that he is ugly and repulsive.

Here are some other possibilities.

Betty White is out, the MSM who will be running the Biden government wants her for one of the people to pack the Supreme Court.

Qualifications should be a Black, LGBTQIA, ignorant bigot,  stupid racist, whose qualifications are being able to get 200,000 viewers on cable TV.

Anderson Cooper was mentioned, he fits all qualifications except Blackness.  They could have an Albino Jeopardy with Cooper, Bezos from Amazon, and Zuckerberg from Facebook.

Loyal reader MST suggest that the barely used, 30 million, voting ballots with only Biden marked be used to unite the country.  People could write in their replacement for Alex. The return address ( ABC News-Disney ) is still good.   That will surely unite the country.

What a bunch of losers.


  1. Good morning Lois Lion…that is too funny about Betty White and the supreme court….they would change her name to..”Betty Of-Color” because if not, she would be a true White Supremacist.

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