The Democrats/MSM want Joe.  Wait until they have the White House.


Along with the Pentagon War Mongers that Trump is replacing is the kitchen staff at The White House.  He want Joe to feel at home with Chinese help.

These machines are so easy to hack that Al Sharpton could do it.  As we saw in the Wendy’s bonfire The ATL is a Democratic rat-hole.


The Editor:  Are our loyal readers still interested in real estate, LL ?

I Want This One Cat:  They sure are, they want to pick out a nice home that the dems are going to give them. They especially like these homes located right in the middle of diverse poor people. Our first one was built by Anderson Cooper’s family.

Rentals are experiencing price drops.

Gavin ( Pigleosi’s nephew )  will let the new diverse people pay his property tax.

This is one of my all time favorite articles.

New York has some pricey homes the poor will enjoy.

One thing the poor, diverse, people will have to learn is to care for their property.   These people are helpless and hopeless.

All of the Hollywood, entertainment, retired actors, politicians, and especially the Billionaires (Gates-Bezos-the social-media Billionaires ) will give the poor-diverse people all of their homes but one.

Big business won’t give average Jane and Joe a break.

Omar is as good as Pigleosi and Feinstein at taking care of family.

Let’s unite and come together.

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