The sanctuary-states and DC voted for 4 years of violence.


The Maxwell Diary.


Joe finds a ” just right ” charity that the media never mentioned.  Say it ain’t so, Joe.


The Fable Editor:  For our new loyal readers, what is the Goldilocks Standard, LL ?

Just Right Cat:  That is when everything is just right, like Goldilocks and the three bears.

J & K have further refined Obama’s old health plan.  Everyone will be sent to ” The Happy Hunting Ground ” when they turn 75 years old.  The plan is named after HHS Secretary Elizabeth-White-Dove Warren.

Amigo has turned in a bid to help with the plan.  He wants to be a part of the new united Americans.  The first plan is for the new administration’s middle income Americans.  Here is a short video that demonstrates compassion, but is still effective.  The motto is Hope and what a change, or 75 and gone.

Andrew Cuomo will be in charge of New York City/State.  He helped thousands to THHG during the early Wuhan Flu scam.

Amigo’s plans for J & K’s 75 and out new health plan has a more personable approach for our older wealthy citizens.  Once termination is finished the Happy Dream Pods are ejected into the sun.  Keep our solar system clean.

The dems wanted to have their welcome to DC party, while some dems want to ban Thanksgiving.  Nancy changed her party plans.

Those dems, let the looters burn down NYC, and then ban Thanksgiving.

Even Gavin ( Nancy’s nephew ) has a ruined party.

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