This guy is a true Communist, Black Radical, and Hate America skank.

More info on the corrupt sanctuary states/cities/dems/MSM.


If you want to keep Satan Schumer in the Senate minority donate to these 2 candidates.  You might also keep the Supremes at 9 members.


The Prediction Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

Patmos Cat:  It isn’t about 1984.  It is way older.

It’s the Mark Of The Beast.

Here is one interpretation.

Joe and his Little Demons will make all people get a vaccine or you won’t be able to shop or even go outside.  The BLM, Antifa, and even the Bloods & Crips will be in charge of the program.  Here are the four groups rounding up Conservatives for reeducation camps.

Here is their secret sign.

Tik Tok ( a Communist Social Media site ) talks of China and the Dragon.  It is terrible.

Here is a word to the wise—any money that you pay in advance for any B&B, concert, airplane ticket, hotel, or any thing else will never be refunded, if for any reason the event is cancelled.

The End is near.

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