The land of William Penn, Keystone State, is not coming clean.

Kelly Osbourne is giving advice on following instructions.  After recovery, the Democrats will send her on a grammar school tour on how to teach 5 year olds to say *ucking.


Yesterday was the anniversary ( 57 th ) of the last president before Trump to be overthrown.  It was by the same groups CIA, FBI, and DOJ.  The MSM began to be a political organization.



The Soap Editor:  What is your article about, LL ?

Slick Cat:  It’s about coming clean.  Ilhan Omar my favorite Jew hating Muslim from Minnesota—by way of immigrating from Somalia—is going to give her campaign money directly to Hunter Biden rather than to her husband.  That way facts won’t be revealed.  Yep, she came clean.

Asked by a Sphinx Reporter why she is coming clean, she replied, ” if I want to take Nancy’s job I need to improve my image. ”  She added that she could kill more Jews by withholding foreign aid than being in Somalia.

For our interested readers this is how soap works.

TSE:  Did anyone else come clean, Ivory Cat ?

The New Yorker came clean by firing Toobin for pulling his wainke on live TV.  The real reason was the employees weren’t sure if there was any clean place to eat or work at the Yorker–or as the locals call it the Yanker.

Some said it was like following this guy around.

Here is the history of one soap.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


  1. Those soap molecules look like sperm-from that Toobin Democrat tv guy. According to previous Sphinxs he was a yanker.

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