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This is a very informative article, we should be thankful for it.

Happy trails Dianne.  Your Senate retirement is around the corner.


This is good.


The Bird Editor:  Are you ready for Thanksgiving, LL ?

Gobble, Gobble, Cat:  I almost wrote  Google.  I have spent too much time reporting on politics.  I am ready, my forecats came over on the Mayflower.

TBE:  Did the Pilgrims decide anything at the first Thanksgiving, GGC ?

Rum Cat:  They sure did, if they were going to California they needed some liquor.  Rum was the first, but California was a long way off.

TBE:  Why did they want to go to California, RC ?

They were full of wanderlust, discovery, a better future, and like my Aunt Leona-they wanted to hit the road.  One thing they knew was force and violence were going to be needed to take what they wanted from the natives.  The Antifa, BLM, and Democrats use the same policy.  Amigo likes this reminder of how the world has always worked.

Here is an old Tar Heel who was an Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports writer.  That was back when the paper covered Dixie like the dew.