Trump should rent Hillgal’s Scooby Doo Van and tour the Peach State.

He could hire Fredo Cuomo as his driver—he’s smart.


Mattis is an open-border destroy America Swamp Creature, that’s why Trump Fired him.–usb-cards-n2580714


The Asked Editor:  Is this about the old TV show, LL ?

We Borrow Stuff Cat:  It is similar. We borrow a lot of other people’s works, like Joe.  Many California residents are not happy with the liberals they re-elected/have.

This would be great for the Pennsylvania liberals and media.

As the article mentions, the Health  Secretary  is a male identifying as a female.  They will be in the Mr/Ms/Mrs/other Pennsylvania beauty pageant.  WE MAKE FUN OF ALL PEOPLE IN POLITICS.  Color, sex,religion, nothing matters.

Sidney is qualified.

California is a socialist paradise.

If ole Joe wins I hope he does this on day one.  It sounds wonderful.  You liberals/dems asked for it.

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