Archive | December 1, 2020



The Sphinx will assume Joe Biden fell and broke his foot in several places until we see a video with the dogs in it.  It begins–old folks fall.  Show us the video.  The MSM lies.


Show us the dogs in the video.  We don’t believe the story.


Joe is a secret.


I also communicated  telepathically with Biden’s dogs, they said they wouldn’t get within 10 feet of him for fear of him falling on them.  You can believe a cat.


The Magnum Editor:  Is “Let me in little piggy” about the Muppets, LL ?

Remington Cat:  It’s like the Scouts, Be Prepared.  This repulsive creature could bring more gun control.  He is a bigot who hates conservatives.  The Trump appointed judges might save us.  Some form of controls is already in his feeble mind.

Any advice he gives is usually for the uninformed.

Please remember, unless you have a “Biggus Buttus” like the Kardashins, you will need some practice to handle the kick-back.

Amigo has advocated for years that you need more than 1 gun.  1 is needed in the bathroom, and if possible, 1 each located in the bedroom and living area.  In the past, we used this to show what screams we would like to hear come from the Democratic HOR, but it is just as useful to demonstrate why you need to be prepared.

TME: Is there any personality type that our loyal readers should be aware of, RC ?

Colt Cat:  No, they are all different and unpredictable, not many are just stupid like this felon.

Keep in mind that the above killers have the same qualifications as Congresspeople and Senators.