Here is why Georgia’s Governor has turned Chinarino ( chi-nair-o ).  He’s a commie.


Trump has another country at peace with Israel.

Musk might be the first to Mars.


Californians should stop whining.  They voted Democratic.  Act like a man.


The Hollywood/Georgia Editor:  Did you cover enough topics in your title, LL ?

Just Barely Cat:  I tried to cover a bunch.  Let me announce that I prefer the Golden Age of Hollywood.  I know they were different times, but that is tough.  The old photos are a repeat, for our new readers.

Here is one actress who was part of two worlds.

I asked Amigo to throw me overboard after trying to watch these losers.

These almost stars, are still almost—Nature probably said ” I’m sorry about old age. “

Some supposedly stars never know when to ” Go gently into the good night. “

That is sad.


  1. I am glad David Shafer says that he trusts no one in the upcoming Georgia senate race. That is exactly who can be trusted. NO ONE. I remember when I trusted Governor Kemp to be a Republican.

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