The Epstein Diary.

Our readers should check their local forecast.


Lincoln had the best idea on how to deal with news people.

Another country normalizes relations with Israel.  That’s about 7 for Trump.


The Sex Editor:  Do we need more readers, LL ?

Pussy Cat:  We sure do, this will bring them in–America’s highest paid sex worker opens a GoFundMe account to file a law suit about her business being closed.

Thank goodness we only have a side view of Khloe’s butt.  The Kardashians have six toes.

Photo #1 shows an unnamed Kardashian giving a senior a vaccine.

Cuomo has so many sexual issues he might as well work for CNN or MSNBC.

Democrat Swalwell has never met a Communist that he didn’t like.

Sofya Zhuk’s followers complain about her topless photo.

RIP Charley Pride.

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