Does Xi Jinping take out Social Security taxes on Joe Biden’s bribes ?


Republicans in Georgia, USA should vote and get your friends to vote.


Hunter & Joe’s deals have been in the news for years.  Withholding this is criminal.  The 20-30 top officials trying to overthrow the 2016 election will never be indicted.


Hollywood uses lobbyists, just like the government.

Dionne will be Biden’s Press Secretary.


The Top Secret Editor:  Are there secrets in DC, LL ?

Classified Cat:  There sure are.  All of Obama’s school records and real birth certificate are not available.  JFK’s assassination records are still secret, 57 years later.  Every one is dead except the government agencies involved.

Here are two links about secrets, one is from The Atlantic ( a radical-left publication ).

After reading several articles on secrets, I found the real answers are Tip Top Secret.  Here are the number of Americans ( I assume ) that have secret/classified information.

Here is a secret door in Pigleosi’s guest house, where the Chinese Spies enter.

The most danger in America comes from the MSM.  They hide, misinform, distort, coverup, lie, fake, and refuse to report anything harmful to any Democrat–living or dead.  Here is an example of the MSM trying to make evidence look like the Ruskies were involved.

TTSE: Where do you find your secrets. CC ?

In Pigleosi’s vineyard.


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