The Maxwell Diary & Cruz comments on a Democrat Cult.


I don’t believe anyone.  Vote.


The Doctor Editor:  What got you involved in professions and politicians, LL ?

The WSJ Cat:  The WSJ is a commie paper, but they do have a point concerning Jill Biden and her poor excuse for a family.  The Doctor, Dr, name may never be resolved.  Here are some thoughts about the WSJ article.  I guess it beats the press asking Joe what flavor of ice cream he bought.

Tucker has this to say.

Under The Sphinx’s literary-journalistic guidelines, Jill would be a Monkey not a Doctor.  Anyone in politics would be addressed as Monkey,  like Monkey Nancy, or Monkey Joe.  It would be like racism or white supremacy, after a while it means nothing.

TDE:  Why would politicians be called Monkeys, TWSJC ?

For our purpose they never  hear, see, or speak evil or the truth.

TDE:  Would Black Americans be able to still use the phrase ” Uncle Tom ? “

No, they unfortunately would have to use the phrase ” A Monkeys Uncle. “

All non-medical degrees currently listed as Doctor would be changed to Advanced ( Adv ).  That is one less point of confusion.

The political parties would pick one of these as their logo–like the Jackass or Elephant.

Here are the Democratic Bonobos fighting over Wuhan Flu relief money.

Monkey Jill is a poor student.


  1. You are correct again, Lois Lion….Monkey Jill is a very poor student. If Joe’s puppeteers manage to officially finish stealing this election…we will have Dumb & Dumber in the oval office. our president and first lady…in name only…PINO & FLINO.

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