Epstein’s Diary.  Where are the Clintons ?

This reminds me of Trump trying to get the Democrat-Radicals out of the FBI.


Social Security recipients will get a small increase.

Check those planes.

RINO’s or Chinarino’s ?


More judges are coming.

Lightfoot is a heavy-duty liar.


The Musical Editor:  Are you familiar with notes, LL ?

Do RE Mi Cat:  There are a lot of different types of notes.  This one is particularly interesting.  Also included are some musical notes mentioning Joe.

Here is another type of note.

Is what Simon says the truth ?

Here is more rat news.

3 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—NOTES

  1. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot should rent out her forehead for advertising. I doubt if Rock City is interested, but BLM might be.

  2. For our new and international readers, at one time almost every barn roof in the South was a Rock City sign, It kept the cows dry.

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