Here is more entertainment from Joe and Jill.  Jill’s degree is a participation degree.

Biden won’t withhold federal/taxpayer money from these terrorists.


Tom Cruise said he was firing everyone taller than him (5 ft. 7in.).  He needs Rubio’s pumps from the 2016 election.

Here is a Cruise satire.

To vaccine or not.


The Ranger Editor:  What does the army know, LL ?

5G Cat:  They already know what happened to Embassy Officials in Cuba ( Warnock’s favorite commies )

You might compare it to a dog whistle.  The vibrations are out of our hearing range.

It is the same radio signals, but a higher frequency as your 5G phone connection.

Richard Branson wants to have a space tourism business.

Loyal reader MST said read the comments on this link.

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