Archive | December 23, 2020



Doctor Monkey Jill is a good Communist.

Here is the reason for our ammo shortage.


Look for this.  The over 5,000 page Convid-19 bill/law is a scam.  No one in the world read this in a day.


The Biden Editor:  Do you have some more of Kamala’s government picks, LL ?

The Bee Cat:  I sure do, from The Babylon Bee, this is just in.

My West Coast reporter says Dennis Rodman will be a full time Ambassador to North Korea, as long as he listens to the right radio stations.

Colin Kaepernick will be a special representative to Habana, Cuuuba.

TBE:  Is it dangerous getting information on these Communist supporters/spies, TBC ?

It can be.  Here are two of our reporters tortured by Representative Swalwell and the other Chinese spy Bang Bang.

The CPU ( Communist Party USA ) doesn’t even register members anymore, they just get the list of Democratic Party Contributors.

The people with sexual identity problems in the MSM had better hope the Chicoms don’t take over.

The MSM have created a monster, and it has turned on them.