You can track Santa.

This is from the olden days.


Here are some Congressional Democrats at lunch.  The sanctuary states don’t deserve Trump.


Wisconsin voted for more abuse, fine.

Time magazine and this person are repulsive.  They both are in my cat prayers ( it worked for RBG ).


The Big Apple Editor:  Do you really love, New York City, LL ?

Maybe Cat:  If you like rats, it’s the place to go.  Cuomo will also do away with you at age 70.  The most recent attractive feature is he doesn’t want you to use the bathrooms in restaurants.

Before a week is over, it will smell like Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  Maybe the people can pee on the street fires.  The motto of I LOVE NEW YORK will be replaced by I LOVE CALVIN.

NYC is betting on getting money from the feds, like all of the sanctuary-bankrupt states/cities.

Margaret Thatcher had it right. 

‘The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money’.

The Monkey Bidens have replaced the Clintons in crimes committed-but not punished.  Whose credit card has a $100,000.00 limit ?

Everybody loves a lap dance.

New York and New Jersey ( both Democratic ) are hiding their expenditures.  They probably went to relatives.

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