Archive | December 25, 2020



What the Democrats want is for Trump to sign the current Pork-Bill, where even illegals get a check plus a retroactive check for the first payment.  Then they will approve another bill in the future.  Americans don’t have time to wait.

Florida residents should look out for almost frozen Iguanas falling from the trees.  Remember, whack them with a stick or other heavy object.  They are an invasive species.


The average American voter doesn’t care about the future, or their children’s or grandchildren’s.

After the crash, maybe the people will install Constitutional Amendments for a balanced budget, voting picture ID, and citizenship based on your parents being Americans.

Trump didn’t have time to un-woke Obama’s military.


Elf Cat:  Merry Christmas, and any other religious days, to all of our readers.

Santa will be busy tonight.

You can stalk him with the help of NATO.