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Twitter and Facebook need to be broken-up.



The Theory Editor:  What is the Popcorn Theory, LL ?

It’s The Law Cat:  It isn’t a theory anymore, it’s the law.  Einstein’s Theory of Relatively is also a law.  The Popcorn Theory grew out of the Domino Theory, which proposed that if one country fell to the Pinko Communist during the Cold War that others would fall—-like this.

JFK disagreed so the FBI, LBJ, and CIA killed him.  That’s why some evidence is still a secret.  Everyone is dead except the agencies involved.

TTE:  What is the Popcorn Theory, ITLC ?

It has piggybacked on Andy Warhol’s comment about everyone being famous for 15 minutes.

With the American News Media moving to North Korea where they can still tell the truth, the Social Media new arrivals have made the statement evident every hour.  Here are some examples——FOR NO APPARENT REASON, people pop-up that we haven’t heard from for years.

Howard Stern is in the news–I guess crude and rude are in short supply.

Hanoi Jane is back in the headlines–treason is, for sure, more popular than ever.

The short Senator from Hawaii pops up every three months.  Hirono named after Hawaiian corn is a Buddhist–just like Hank Johnson, a HOR member from Georgia, USA.  Who TFC ?  I wonder if she is as retarded ?  Maybe Hank gave her advise on how to prevent Hawaii from capsizing–like Guam.

The Admiral should have been given another stripe for not laughing.

Cher pops up occasionally, but she gets a break for donating $500,000 to the San Antonio Veterans Rehab Center.

Hill and Bill un-pop when a young girl sex case pops up.  They are harder to find than an honest Dominion voting machine.

I refuse to quote these people on anything:  Chris Wallace, Bill O’Reilly, Monkey Joe-Jill-Hunter Biden, John Bolton, Robert De Niro, Stacey Abrams, and anyone who has ever been on The View.

One more time in 2020, for our sleazy, amoral, creepy, pubic servants.

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