This is great if the R’s get anything done.

All of the Chip Chip cartoons are repeats.


RIP Mary Ann.


Happy New Year.

Louisiana’s newly elected Congressman’s death from The Wuhan Flu isn’t as first reported—what’s new ?

These units should replace Congresspeople.  They’re heeere.  They could replace Pigleosi, they can kneel and get up.


The Language Editor:  Did you find some new words, LL ?

The Linguist Cat:  I sure did.  My first is an old word, but just reaching national exposure.  It should first be applied to politicians.   ( read the entire meaning )

This is a great new addition to the English language.  It might be more influential than the, and, if, and but.  It can be a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction.  It can be good, bad, indifferent, or all of the aforementioned.

TLE:  Do you think fuckery will be accepted by the American public, TLC ?

WGAFC:  I don’t see why not, it is used everywhere.  The Sphinx’s Linguist Advisers are considering approval of its use in everyday conversations.  The main drawback is it might lose meaning–like racist, white supremacist, or LGBTQIALSMFT.

We have already copyrighted f@ to be used instead of fuckery when necessary.  Our readers should be aware of this discretionary editorial prerogative going into 2021.

TLE:  Can you give us an example, WGAFC ?

I sure can,  here is more f@ from our news media and Joe’s buddies.

This cruise ship is a metaphor for America, you can pick your own time in the cruise where you think America is located.


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