This is great.

A crook reverses her decision.

Biden stole Trump’s votes and tried to steal his Twitter followers.

Cardi B would be a great Biden representative for preschool children.   The little darlings first words might be mofu papa.


Justice can’t be repeated enough.

Check your pet food.


The Do Right Editor:  Is Dudley opening up 2021 for us, LL ?

Wonder Cat:  Dudley would be a great start for the New Year.

Gal ( Wonder Woman ) had a great idea.  Tell the lefties and MSM to shut up.  All you have to do is stop going to their movies and turn the channel.

Here is a tribute to the great Macedonian ( Greek ).  I’m sorry Hill-apatra never got her official welcome.

The people who support these cities, want to die or be killed like rats.  f@ Kamala will straighten things out. ( review Sphinx–Kind of New Words for f@ explanation–01-01-21 ).                                                                                                                                                                                                        

America has to get over the way she was, and worry about today & tomorrow.

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