Pigleosi is a demon-seed-from Satan.  She is a putrid sore on the Democratic soul.  The Sphinx includes Pigleosi in Tulsi’s description of Hill-rot.

Anyone who approves of Pigleosi is a loser.


Cuomo and de Blasio should be charged with manslaughter.

A 2021 Maxwell Diary alert.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


The Music City Editor:  Do you know what is going on in Nashville, Tennessee, LL ?

Grand Ole Opry Cat:  The bombing is big news the last week or so, but here is some music history first.

TMCE:  What about the bombing, GOOC ?

Dolly Parton Cat:  It is a screwed up f@.  The only thing I believe is the local police didn’t search the bomber’s house and RV last year.  He was reported as making bombs in his RV.  The second thing is, I wouldn’t believe the FBI over anything–period.

All we get is hearsay and make believe, the usual stuff from the media and government.

The local cops, FBI, and ATF did nothing.  There was no answer at his door so they went back to the office.

Maybe they were getting ready to arrest another Trump advisor.

Nashville is our typically run Democratic rat hole.

This Nashville fiasco will wind up like the Las Vegas Shootings ( no news follow up ).

What if the Radical Left is disabling gas pipe lines at AT&T facilities as a test for bigger terrorist infra-structure targets ?

We would all be isolated like islands with no streaming, energy, or communications.


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