Trump supporters should surround BLM Plaza, along with, Mayor Bowser’s office and home. All peaceful-of course.

Conservatives in Georgia, USA should vote, or expect more of this BS.


Put this guy in charge of the CIA.

Ken is an anti-American Dung Beetle.  Let Jeopardy crash and burn.  CBS distributes the show.


Dogs get another job.

Funny Paper dogs.


Shakespeare Editor:  What is going on with Shakespeare, LL ?

Denmark Cat:  Everyone is worried about fake all of a sudden.  For a bunch of people, who have been asleep, all we have had for 12 years during the Obama and Trump Presidencies is fake news.  At least Shakespeare had something important to say.

One of the funniest ( come to light fakes ) is about Obama-butt-buddy Alec Baldwin.  It’s terrible that his wife is a fraud.  Alec is a Metro-Sexual who can’t take the heat.  With Trump out they can’t get ratings 24/7 anymore.  They have to turn on their own.

For 12 years we have had half the people in America using fake names, sexes, beliefs, political parties, even races to further their political plans.  Pocahontas was the first of note.

All of these jokers are involved in a big f@.  Back to ole Alec and his fake wife and life.  I also uncovered that a yearbook has surfaced ( found by Dianne Feinstein, Pigleosi, Spartacus, Dr Balsey, Kamala, and the rest of the scum involved in the Kavanaugh lynching ).

Here is an old ad she made.  She is about as Spanish as Beto the ex Democratic President want-to-be.

This is almost half of our Spanish/Latino music library.


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